10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tips for buying a home!


1)   Use a good real estate agent. Ours is absolutely amazing. :Look for someone that knows the area that you want to buy in or areas around it.

2)   Buy within our budget and don’t look outside of it

3)   Do not pass on a home inspection

4)   Do make a wish list – unless you are building a home it is unlikely that you will find a home with every item that you want. Make a must have list instead of a max of 5 items that the house has to have.

5)   When at showings try to invasion yourself in the home. My husband and I are huge movie buffs and if our entertainment system did not fit properly with the house we would not be comfortable.

6)   Take pictures. That way you can show your family and sounding board and look through the house again. Most of the time the pictures online of the house are not at all a good representation of the house.

7)   Make sure you know how much the seller pays for utilities a year, work that into your budget before you put an offer in on the house just to make sure that you can afford the monthly payments

8)   Learn to see past the defects in a house. There may always be room for improvement in your house but this is how you can add value and equity to your home.

9)   Budget for your closing costs. As first time home buys in Ontario you don’t have to pay land transfer fees. However there are still the home inspection fees, lawyer fees, moving fees..

10)  Don’t get discouraged if they don’t accept your offer or the house sells before you can put an offer in; Try to have the mentality that the house just wasn’t for you and that you will find the one that is.

Last but not least...HAVE FUN!!! This experience for Kyle and I has been great. Although we are still looking and having trouble finding a house that we are comfortable with, we have still had tons of fun looking at different houses.