Nursery Reno

We bought a house!!! Finally! After months of searching we finally found a house that suits our needs. While we were on our baby moon, in new york we found a house online and bought it within 24 hours. Our amazing realtor did everything online and via Skype. With a closing date 24 days before the baby’s due date we knew we had our work cut out for us upon moving in. First things first, get the nursery ready.

Many people keep telling me that it doesn’t matter if the room is ready when baby comes but as the control freak that I am I want everything to be ready for the little man when he comes. So we had three weeks approximately to get this nursery ready. Lets just say we underestimated the amount of work and our time line. As you can see from the pictures this room in particular has two doors to the outside. Why you may ask? I have no clue. The flooring was also an outside style carpet so we are assuming it was one a sunroom. 

First things first, we pulled the carpet out the day we moved in. We had already bought the wood flooring a few weeks prior with the intention of changing the floors for sure. No baby wants that kind of carpet in their room, right? My amazing brother painted the walls that day as well, however we maybe should have waited until we took off the trim because the old owners had polyfilled everything and when taking it off we peeled off half the paint. Oh well, lesson learned. 

The trouble with a husband who works nights and being 36 weeks pregnant, you have to rely on him to do most of the work. Unfortunately that only left us with two days a week to really get things done. So with the help of some family members we finished the flooring on one of those days. I love the dark wood and I think it fits so well with our nautical theme. 

Next was the crown molding. This is something that I did not care if we had or not but my husband was deter minded to do it, so why not. This was something that I could actually help with. With the help of another family member, we finished the crown modeling within a day as well as painting it and touching up our mishaps. (this is our first renovation, we have definitely learnt a lot). 

Our biggest mission in this room was closing off the two doors heading outside. These doors are my worst nightmare. Two points of entry way into a baby’s room… I don’t think so. They had to go. For a quick fix we just took the handles off the doors and put drywall in front. We will eventually be finishing the siding outside and fully removing them, but for now this gives us a safe and sound sanctuary for Baby H. 

I am the mudding queen, not to brag. (okay maybe a little). The drywall went up easily and I spent the next three days, while Kyle was working, mudding, sanding, mudding again and sanding again. It seemed like it was never going to end. 

Our last step was the final touches of paint, cleaning and moving in all the furniture. We finally finished that two days before my due date. Lets just say I was a little stressed. But for our first project in our new home I am pleasantly surprised at how well it went and how excited I am to move on to the next one.