Happy New Year!

As I sit here and write this I can't help but think of how amazing my life has become this past year. I have grown so much as an individual, wife and a new mother. I've made mistakes and learnt from them and have continued to preserver through some pretty tough moments this year. I've had many dreams come true this and have made so many amazing memories. Here are some of my favourite!


1) We found out we were expecting a little MAN in February! We were scared out of our minds! This is our failed attempt at an announcement. Blowing those bubbles were quite hard. 

2) We went to New York City and fulfilled one of my husbands dreams to see Lord of the Rings the Symphony. I was not thrilled at first but it was a once in a life time experience. And New York is beautiful, especially the food! Don't make fun... I was 7 months pregnant, food was my life. 

3) While we were in New York we bought our first house!

4) Maverix James Harriss was born on June 27th at 5:58


5) We celebrated Maverix's first fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween and our first Halloween in the new house!


6) We went across the world and took our little man with us! Harriss family vaycay in Europe was amazing!


7) We celebrated Maverix's first snowfall and Christmas!!!

8) Last but not least - I started Bakers and Babies! This has always been a dream of mine and it has come true! I also opened the Babies and Bakers store and had an amazingly successful Christmas season!

I want to end this post by saying THANK YOU! to everyone who reads this blog and likes the posts and to all my loyal customers that have made Bakers and Babies what it is today! And a very special thank you to my hubby who lets me do destroy our kitchen with my baking and spend hours looking for the perfect fabric. 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a super awesome Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 was as amazing for you as it was for me and that 2016 is just as amazing, if not more!!! 

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