Cutest Canadian Baby Etsy Shops

Favorite Canadian Baby Etsy Shops

I love Etsy. It is the best thing to enter the world since sliced bread! As a maker of homemade baby goods I love searching Etsy for other cute baby items that I can purchase for Maverix and our new little bundle. I've composed a list of what I think are the cutest Etsy shops that you can find when it comes to shopping for your little one. With the exchange rate being as horrible as it is right now I am focused more then ever on shopping "local". For this post that means within Canada. So here's some amazing baby Etsy stores that will knock your socks off 😃. 


**All photos are from the social media accounts or Etsy pages of the shops mentioned. 


 Live Love North

Up first is a shop from Prince George, B.C.  this family is so adorable and the clothes they make are perfect for your little one. Especially if you are a local to Muskoka. They would be perfect! I love the fact that she also makes adult versions of her baby items so you can match perfectly! 

Daily Myles  

I choose this shop specifically for their beanies. They are so adorable and Maverix would seriously be a lady killer in one of them. They also sell bibs, infinity scarfs, pack clips and head wraps that are just as amazing as their beanies. What makes me love this shop even more is because they are from Ontario! Whitby to be exact! 


Quinn and Lane  

I personally find it super hard to find a pacifier or toy clip that I like and can entertain Maverix. The ones that this shop makes are perfect. The owner of the shop shares the same mentality I do about wanting save and useful items for our little ones. Check out the variety of silicone teething rings, necklaces, paci clips and fidgets. These would be perfect for your little one when they are teething! 


Mabel Retro 

you may want to hold onto your seats before you check this shop out. It is so beyond adorable I can't even describe it. This shop from B.C. makes the most amazing apparel for both girls and boys. The owner doesn't use color to define gender which I love. I'm so sick of seeing blue for boys and pink for girls. You can just tell by looking at the items in this shop that they are made immaculately and will definitly be loved by not only you but your little on too.

Butterfly Kiss Co

Any one that knows my husband and I knows that we LOVE beanies. Hence the fact that I have two shops in this post that sell beanies. This shop from B.C. doesn't just sell beanies but they also make adorable leggings, bibs and blankets. I love the patterns of the fabric she uses and the cute styles of every item. 

Mortimers Busy Boards  

Last but not least is this amazing shop from Toronto, Ontario. I love the busy boards this couples makes. They help build dexterity and hand eye coordination for your little one. Not only do I love the fact that this is a developmental toy but that it is handmade. It is so hard to find good toys that will last your child a long time and can withstand hours of play time. I know Maverix would be able to play with his board for hours and still come back wanting to continue to play.