Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

Packing a diaper bag in the first few weeks of your little ones life can be overwhelming. What do you bring? Are you bringing to much? Do we really need that? Besides the basic and obvious diapers and wipes there are lots of other things that a baby may need when your out and about, however it is easy to become the crazy pack lady that has the entire house in her diaper bag. Now that I have over a year of experience with packing a diaper bag I’d thought I’d share what I find to be essential items. What you have in your bag will change over the course of your little ones first year of life but this list is what I feel you should have in the first six months.

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The Bag

What kind of bag you have is super important. I am an avid bag lover. I ended up using my sons diaper bag as my purse up until I went back to work so I really wanted something that I thought was stylish as well as workable as a diaper bag.  Kyle bought me a Kate Spade diaper bag for Christmas before Maverix was born. I loved the style of it and had asked for it but in the end it did not have a good design. I love pockets and organization and I found that this diaper bag was not good for that at all. I did like the fact that it came with a detachable change pad however and when shopping for baby #2’s diaper bag I added that to the list of must haves.

The two bags that I have my eye on right now are the Ju-Ju Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag or the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag. 

The Ju-Ju Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag comes with a memory foam change pad, 7 pockets and can be converted from a shoulder bag to a back-pack!

The Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag comes with a change pad, has 10 pockets (Sold!) and can also hold a laptop or tablet which is perfect for this working momma! 

 Water Bottle

Having a water bottle in your diaper bag is super important - especially if you are nursing. Keeping yourself healthy is number one (besides you know - keeping your baby alive). The first step to do this is making sure you are hydrated! I'm pretty easy going when it comes to water bottles. I have always used the Contigo water bottles and find them super convienent. They fit in almost every cup holder and the bottle pockets of your diaper bag. If you prefer a glass water bottle they also make those!

Nursing Cover

Now, you do not need to pack this if you are okay with nursing in public without a cover. I, however, am not. I like to cover up and so I always make sure that I have my nursing cover packed in the diaper bag wherever I went. I had a normal nursing cover with Maverix, the ones that strap around your neck. This time I want to try out a infinity scarf version. I like the accessibility and the fact that you can wear it as part of your wardrobe rather then having to pull it out whenever you need it. I just recently stumbled across the Covered Goods brand and I am in love! I like that you can use it as a scarf, nursing cover, carseat cover and a shopping cart cover! 

Hand Sanitizer

I am not the biggest germaphob out there but I definitely see the benefit in having hand sanitizer in your diaper bag. You never know what or who you are going to interacat with in your day and this way you are safe if you can’t find somewhere to wash your hands. I personally like The Honest Companies Hand Sanitizer Spray. 

Lip chap and Hand Lotion

This is more for you mom. I found when I was breastfeeding I was not just thirsty all the time but my lips and hands were super dry. I always keep my favoirute lip chap (Blister Lip Medex) and hand loation(Soup Stones Hand and Body Lotion)  in my bag just in case. I find it incredibly annoying to have dry hands and chapped lips and not be able to fix that. 

Wipes and Diapers

I use wipes on everything. I not only use them to clean Maverix's bum but also his hands and face. I prefer to use sanitizing wipes on the shopping cart but if I don’t have any then I just use these wipes too. They are super handy to have around. When my husband and I went to erupoe last year with his family everyone used our stash of wipes throughout the day. 

Diapers and wipes are obvious. Theres no way that you are going out for the day and not having to change at least one diaper. I packed at least 4 diapers in my bag at all times and on days when I know I’ll be out later I throw in a few extra just in case.

Baby Toy or a Pacifier

Our son did not use a pacifier but if your child does then I’d have at least one extra one in my diaper bag if I were you. I also kept a teething toy in my diaper bag as well as a rattle or something to entertain my little man. When my son was younger we had Sophie the Giraffe in our diaper bag at all times. Right now we have a stack of blocks in our diaper bag. He can spend hours taking them apart and putting them back together. 

Change of ClotheThis is a must. Your little one is bound to have a blow out once in a while and having a change of clothes handy is a lifesaver. Also just having layers to add on during the day if it gets cold. 

Extra Swaddle or Receiving Blanket

In the winter I always had a blanket around my little on in the car seat instead of a jacket but I found it helpful to have an extra swaddle or reciving blanket in my bag to just in case. Sometimes they will throw the blanket off or it somehow it gets dirty and then you have an extra one to bundle them up with. It is also nice when you are going out somewhere to visit and you don’t want to use the blanket from the cars. I love the extra large swaddles you can get. I was also given a few extra large flannel blankets when Maverix was born and I love that you can endlessly wrap them up!

So there you have it! Everything that I think is essential to have in your diaper bag! What other products do you put in yours? 

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