Welcome to Mommyhood: Hospital Bag Must Haves - What you really need to bring

There are tons of hospital must have lists out there that have tons of items that you apparently have to bring and most of them are overloaded. I remember when Maverix was born I brought so much stuff to the hospital it was like I was staying for a week vacation. With Adeline I only brought the essentials. The hospital has tons of items that they will give you and you don't have to supply your own. Heres my list of what I found to be important to bring with me to the hospital.

Hospital Bag Must Haves


1. Robe and Nightgown - I found it super convenient to have a nightgown at the hospital. The nurses are constantly checking you after delivery to make sure you are doing okay. Not wearing pants makes this a lot easier. I bought a nursing nightgown so I could easily nurse Adeline and do skin to skin without having to take off any clothes. I also bought a robe to because it can get really cold in the room and it was nice to put on when you had to go to the bathroom or go for a walk.

2. Slippers - You don't want to walk along the hospital floors with your bare feet or wearing your shoes, slippers are great and they keep you super warm. 

3. Nursing bra - at this point your milk hasn't completely come in yet, however when it does holy moly you are going to want a comfortable bra that has no wiring and can easily be used to nurse your little one. 

4. Underware - skip the thongs and lace numbers and go for the practical full panty. No matter how easy your delivery is, you will still be in some kind of discomfort and pain. The last thing I wanted was to be worrying about what kind of underwear I was wearing. 

5. Nursing Pillow - not only is this convenient for nursing but also just for holding the baby. Your arms aren't used to holding a little one constantly and if you are anything like me you won't want to put them down to often! 

6. Bag of toiletries - I brought toothpaste and a toothbrush, travel size soap and shampoo and deodorant. I wasn't too worried about makeup and things like that but go for it if you feel like you need it. 


1. Car seat - Having your infant carseat installed already before you enter labour is a good idea so you aren't worrying about getting it organized after baby is here! Hospitals also won't let you leave until they see that you have a proper carseat for your infant. 

2. Going home outfit - I loved having a special outfit to put my little one in before we left the hospital. 

3. Sleepers - It can get cold in the hospital. I brought two sleepers, just incase there was an accident on one, but only ended up using one. 

4. Hat and Mittins - Sometimes your little one can enter this world with some pretty sharp nails, thats where scratch mittens come in handy. Also a hat for that cute little head of theirs because this work is a lot colder then inside your tummy. 

5. Swaddle/Receiving Blankets - Something nice and warm to wrap your little one in. I found the hospital blankets to be a bit scratchy so I was glad I brought my own.


1. Comfy clothes - If dad is planning on staying at the hospital the whole time you are there then he is going to want to be comfy. 

2. Laptop - Use this to listen to music or watch a movie to pass the time.

3. Camera - you will want to remember those first moments with your little one! Pictures are a great way to keep those memories. (Don't forget your chargers and batteries).


What will the hospital provide

At our hospital I was provided with pads and lots of techniques to help your body heal postpartum, diapers and wipes, cream and nursing pads. 


I hope this list helps you pack for your trip to the hospital. Let me know if I missed anything that you found helpful or necessary to have when you gave birth! 


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