I’m always trying to find fun and easy DIY decorations to make our house fun for different holidays. With fall underway (officially today!) and Halloween slowly approaching I thought that these cute Jack-O-Lantern jars (originally from Martha Stewart) would be perfect to line our driveway with or use on our window sill. This is a super fun activity to do with the kids as well. Let them decorate the jars with whatever funny faces they want!

Heres what you need:

Small glass jars (Mason jars are what I used but you can use whatever you can find – baby food jars would be nice for cute little jack-o-lanterns)

Orange Acrylic Paint 

Wire Cutters/Pliers

Black 20 Gauge Wire

Black Sharpie

Tea lights – optional


1. Thoroughly wash each glass jar and peel any labels that are remaining (Goo Gone is amazing for this, or just let them soak in hot water for a bit)

2. Paint the outside of each jar with the orange acrylic paint. Let dry and apply a second coat. If you would like you can keep applying coats until you get the right coverage you want but I like the fact that the light shined through a bit. 

3. Allow the jars to dry completely 

4. Once jars are dry, use the black sharpie to draw your jack-o-lantern faces

5. Use your wire cutters to cut a piece of wire that will fit around the neck of the jar with a bit extra to twist the ends

6. Cut another piece of wire long enough for a handle, plus an extra ½ in. on each end. Slide each end through the wire against the neck of the jar and fold up. Then twist the rest around the handle part of the wire. Use pliers to get it twisted nice and tight, trim off the excess wire, and bend the ends towards the jar.

7.  Place a tea light in each jar and decorate away! 

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