Maverix Tries Solids!

Let me start this by saying I had the best time giving Maverix solids for the first time. We started out with squash and I was super excited to just let him do what he wanted. My husband on the other hand doesn't like a mess and would rather spoon feed Mav and lower the chances of squash in his hair or on the floor. By looking at the pictures you can tell that I got my way! 

I started off by letting him touch and see what was in the bowl and on the spoon then I just let him go for it! He was super excited to get the spoon in his mouth. HA! that obviously didn't last. Lets just say he was not the biggest fan of squash (He's coming around now). 

I think he thought that if he tried it again it would taste better! So wrong - poor kid!  He was happy when it was over! 

Brittany HarrissComment