Valentines Day Gift Bag for Your Love

This cute little bag is a perfect thoughtful little gift for anyone you love on valentines day. Gather some of your loved ones favorite things and add them into a bag and it becomes something adorable and affordable for them on Valentine's Day. 

Heres what you need:

  • Brown bag
  • Yarn/string/ribbon
  • Anything to decorate your bag! (Personally I think the tackier the better!)
  • A few things that your loved one loves!

Heres what I put in mine:

  • Framed picture of the hubs, Maverix and I
  • A iTunes card so we can rent a movie and snuggle up
  • Homemade cookies
  • Marshmellow chocolate hearts 
  • Mentos gum
  • Coupon book
  • Candle

Write a cute little message on the card stock and glue it to the bag, put everything in and seal it with the ribbon and there you go!

Brittany HarrissComment