Summer Baby Essentials

With summer finally starting I thought I'd write a post about what my family loves to use to get through the hot days with our little one! So here goes...

1) A floating sun canopy for those fun lake days! This is such a great baby item for our family. Maverix just wants to go when he's in the water and does not want me to hold him. With this he can sit and move his legs non-stop and have the protection from the sun! We love this item!

2) This rash guard is super cute and great for a beach day! We use it for Maverix even when we are  just in the back yard and he's playing with his water table. It helps with extra UV protection and dries super fast! I love this cute design from Old Navy - they also have lots of adorable girl items as well!

3) Reusable Swim Diapers save my life. They are so much nicer then just using regular diapers and they don't sag or get heavy. I love this reusable diapers from the Honest Company. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. They are a bit steep in price but there are many other options for reusable diapers. My thoughts are why bother using a disposable one when they are just using it for swimming! 

4) Sunscreen is a must for my family. I burn super easily and if Maverix is anything like me he will too. I couldn't imagine my little guy getting a sunburn! A friend of mine recommend this Baby Bum sunscreen and we have yet to have a burn incident and Maverix spends a lot of time outside! 

5) Of course a sun hat is a must! This one from Carters is perfect for our little guy! I love that it ties up so it won't fall off and it covers his ears! Surprisingly he does not mind it as well! 

6) These swaddle blankets saved my life last summer when Maverix was born. It was so hot outside and our little man did not like the heat one bit. These blankets from Aden and Anais were perfect not only for swaddling but also for covering the car seat on a warm day. They also come in some pretty fantastic patterns! 

7) Our little guy loves the water. We can't make it to the beach everyday so this fun two level pool from Little Tikes is perfect for him. I like that it shoot water out from a bunch of different spouts so that he gets used to getting splashed at. This is such a fun toy for those hot back yard days! 

8) This Shade Shack Pop up Sun Shelter is perfect for our family. Not only is it great for Maverix because he can have a place to be in the shade, but it also can fit Kyle and I if we need a break from the sun. They have smaller versions around if this one is too big for you but I personally like the extra space. 


What does your family love to do in the summer and what products make it easier for you!? I love hearing about awesome new adventures and fun products that would make our summer life easier! 



***This is not an affiliated post by any means! My family loves these products and we wanted to share that with yours!