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Breastfeeding basket

As a second time mom I feel like I am overwhelmed the majority of the time, especially when it comes to nursing. I am nursing Adeline and trying to keep Maverix occupied at the same time! It is not an easy task, however I am lucky that Mav will be content (most of the time) if I read him the same story 100X over, so he just curls up next to Addy and I while I'm nursing and we read for a few minutes. The part about nursing that is the hardest (besides the obvious part about having someone attached to you 24/7) is when you need or want something right as you start nursing and you can't get up and get it! I decided why not create a basket with all the handy things I want in it that can sit on or beside the couch (where I am usually nursing) so that if I have a sudden craving, or need am dying of thirst everything I need is right there! 

breastfeeding basket

Heres a list of what I keep in my breastfeeding basket: 

Water bottle: did you know that a breastfeeding mom should drink an 8oz glass of water after every feeding? Thats about 10 oz everyday! I know that when I'm nursing I get super thirsty and will drink during a nursing session. So I always keep a water bottle in my basket

Snacks: So that whole feeding for two thing doesn't end at child birth. It is recommended that breastfeeding women keep their calorie intake a 1800-2200 a day. Anything less then 1500 calories a day could impact your milk supply. I usually keep some Nutri Grain bars or lactation cookies in my basket to nipple on if I get hungry. The oats in both of these also helps keep my  ilk supply where it should be. 

Klennex/Wipes: these are helpful to clean up spit up or extra milk. I also find it helpful to have them close by when Maverix has a booger explosion and I can't get up to get him a kleenex. 

Hand lotion/Lip Balm: I don't know about you but my lips and hands were super dry during the first 9 months that I breastfed Mav and they still are this time with Addy. I also find it relaxing (if Mav isn't home) to sit and give myself a hand rub while Addy is nursing. Why not take a few minutes for yourself when you can't do much else.

Breastpads: I definitely use these 24/7 and often loose one after a nursing session. its very handy to have a few extra near by just incase!

Hair Ties: My Addy likes to fiddle while nursing and if my hair isn't up in a bun she gets a hold of it. Most of the time I will have a band on my wrist but if not I always keep a few in my basket just in case. 

Nursing necklace: See above not about fiddling. I wear this when nursing and it helps Addy from pulling my hair or scratching. These things are amazing!

Burp Cloth/Receiving Blanket: For those fun burp sessions that end in spit up or vomit - with Maverix I never had to deal with this but oh my! Addy should have came with a lifetime supply of burp cloths and clothes! 

Book: More often then not when nursing Mav he would fall asleep and decide to take a 2 hour nap. Most times I'd put him in his crib or Rock-a-Roo but sometimes I took some cuddle time. This is when it was nice to have a new book in my basket. I'd take a two hour cuddle break and read! it was sometimes the best part of my day!

iPhone: I sometimes use this time to read some emails, make my blog schedule for the next month, research or just catch up on some gossip on social media. 

Nipple Cream: I myself did not e er use nipple cream but if you do then it should definitely be in your basket. Its nice to have it right there to apply right after a session and this way you won't forget!

breastfeeding basket

There are lots of other things you can put in your basket (diapers, new outfits, toys) but these are what I find the most helpful and necessary in my life! What would you put in your basket? What do you do while your little one is nursing? How do you keep your second child occupied? Let me know below - I love hearing new tips!

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