Europe 2015 Part 1 - Paris

The perfect way to start our trip in Europe was to spend a few days in the City of Love - my favourite city in the world. 

We landed in Paris early Wednesday morning to a cold rainy day but that didn't ruin our mood. Nothing could. Not even a 8 hour flight with a 4 month old who was way to distracted to sleep. You can read all about our flight here. We were in Paris. With our family and we could not be more excited. After two train rides we arrived at our Airbnb apartment right across from the Louvre. Four of our family members were already waiting for us and we quickly set off to explore the city and most importantly eat.

We went and had a quick bite to eat and then worked our way to Norte dame cathedral stopping along the way to take pictures and explore the little tourist shops. We found the cutest little market on our way that I just fell in love with. It had numerous flower shops and Christmas trinkets. Let's just say I was in heaven. 

After an afternoon walking around the city of love and a few hundred coffees later we set our sights on home where we could freshen up and take a short nap. Well the fact that Maverix had yet to sleep other then an hour nap on the plane he was ready for a full blown melt down. He needed to have a full nights sleep that started at 3 in the afternoon and lasted all night (except for the continuous wakings to eat, we still haven't mastered sleeping through the night). 

I could not resist adding this picture - they are so alike!

I could not resist adding this picture - they are so alike!

The next day was our one and only full day in Paris together as a family. We woke up and went to find a bakery to bring back pastries for everyone. After our first delicious breakfast in Paris my hubby and I (and of course Maverix) set out with our in laws to visit the bakery Poilane. They had the most delicious bread and these yummy apple galettes. Later lunch consisted of homemade sandwiches and again lots of coffee. 


Our afternoon consisted of a lovely walk through the Jardin des Tuileries and then a stop at a waffle shack and the Arc de Triumph with a finale at the Eiffel Tower. Kyle and I are taking an extra day before our flight to go back to Paris with just the three of us so we decided to opt out of the family trip walking up the  tower and instead took a stroll through the park. This park is special to us and was our landmark when we came here after our first year of marriage. It was magical to sit on one of the benches there and watch the lights on the tour twinkle and hold our new son. I will treasure that moment forever. 

Back at the apartment my brother in law cooked up a delicious pot of pasta and we headed to bed to rest up for our journey to Belgium in the morning. Read all about the rest of our trip here. 


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