Europe 2015 Part 2 - Belgium


Our road trip began at the Paris airport enroute to Belgium to visit family for a 5 days. Maverix was super excited and decided that he would like to drive (we were parked-don't worry). It didn't last long and he was out for the long haul.

After a 3 hour drive we made it to Lendelede Belgium to my husbands cousins house. She has the most adorable daughter Emma who loves taking selfies. Seriously. Look at those dimples. 

For our first night in Belgium we went to a place called Frites. Fries are amazing in Belgium. No clue why but they are just better. With lots and lots of mayo of course. I think the entire trip we ate only fries, waffles, chocolate and coffee. 


We took a few day trips to different places around Belgium with our first stop being the village of Brugge. This amazing village is said to be the Venice of Belguim. Pictures do not even begin to show how beautiful this place is. We spent the whole day there exploring little shops and of course eating. 

Maverix slept most of the way but woke up to enjoy this tiny hidden away pub that reminded me of Harry Potter. We enjoyed a nice glass of beer and continued on our way. 

Our next outing was to Ostend or the "seaside" as my mother in law called it. It was definitely cold, windy and wet but it was beautiful. The buildings lining the pier reminded me of the dreams from the movie Inception. Again Mav slept and awoke only when there was food present. He does not even get to eat it but he sure does like to watch. 

Having loved Brugge so much our Belguim family thought that we would enjoy the town of Ghent as well. They were right. This town was gorgeous with huge old buildings and aurrounded by water. I may have liked it more then Brugge. We went to this amazing resuturant Amadeus that was filled with stain glass windows and 40s style music - oh and all you could eat spare ribs. AMAZING! We later took a tour around the town, grabbed a lovely cup of hot chocolate and of course more waffles. I would highly recommend this town to anyone visiting Belguim. 

Our other days were spent spending time with our family that we only get to see every few years. Kyle, Mav and I left Belguim to start our road trip after five days of sight seeing. I couldn't wait to spend almost a week with just my husband and our new little man. 

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