Bakers and Babies' core mission is to represent brands that are Canadian made. We love to support small shops especially those run by mommas just like us! If you have a shop and want to be apart of our journey let us know! You can contact us here. 

As a supporter of small shops we thought it was important to have space where you as a customer could connect with the brands we sell. Check out the awesome brands below and we know you'll love them as much as we do!


The Mighty Co.


The Mighty Co is a husband and wife team from St Thomas ON. Inspired by our own little boy, we love making trendy and beautiful things for the little people in your life. Our products are all handmade by us and we hope you love them!


abby and zoey

Abby and Zoey

Abby & Zoey was inspired by my twin daughters, who were only 10 months old when I started my Etsy shop. It began as a way to do something for myself, and has turned into a blessing for my family. I love being able to create products that people get excited about. My goal is to create quality, handmade products at an affordable price - because I'm a mom too! Hope you love them like we do!


Tiber River Naturals

Timber Child - coming soon

Mitch and Lu- coming soon