Cookbook of the Month: The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime

I am obsessed with cookbooks. Before I was a wife and had someone else to cook for I really didn't need to buy cookbooks but I still did! They were like my guilty pleasure. Half the time I didn't even use the book but I still wanted it. Why not indulge myself and find a great excuse to buy cookbooks and actually use them! So I'm going to start a feature for the blog: every month I will review a different cookbook. I will make at least one recipe from every section in the book and review what I thought about it. My review criteria will range from my first impression of the book, how easy and fun the recipes were to make, the quality of the recipes (my husband will also be the judge of this), and if there was something special about the book that would make me want to buy it. 

For the month of January I'm going to be reviewing The Pioneer Women Cooks: Dinnertime. You can get the book here from Indigo. The Pioneer Women started out as a blog by Ree Drummond as well and I actually have followed her for a while! I preordered her cookbook and have been super excited to start cooking from it! Stay tuned for some awesome recipes this month and check out her amazing and fun blog here


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