Apple Pie Bites

I am a huge pie fan! I love any kind of pie - see my Summer Peach Pie post here - I could eat pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apparently this is frowned upon so instead I thought why not make a yummy bite size version of apple pie that I could easily pass off as a quick breakfast! 

With the end of summer (literally summer is over in just a few days) comes the picking of apple trees in the area. If you are fortunate to have an apple tree in your yard or have a friend that does ask if you can steal just one apple from them! That's right - all you need to make these delicious apple pie bites is ONE apple. Add the amazing fluffiness of a crescent roll and you have a quick and easy dessert or breakfast. 

Just a note - the pecans are optional as well as the apple peel! I thought that leaving the peel on made it more rustic looking and I didn't mind the taste however my husband did not like the peel on at all! You decide what you like best! 



Brittany HarrissComment