Cooking with Maverix: Yummy Chocolate Easter Bark

chocolate easter bark

My favourite thing about food at Easter is CHOCOLATE. Well actually my favourite thing about food in general is chocolate. It should be a food group on its own. I am by far not a healthy eater and this largely has to do with how much chocolate I consume. I should probably stop - but I can't! 

I have been wanting to make a chocolate bark for a while now but Easter seemed like the perfect excuse. I found lots of cute chocolates and sprinkles to add in and of course Mav had tons of fun eating the left overs! 

chocolate easter bark

This bark is by far the easiest thing in the world to make! Heres how Mav and I did it:

chocolate Easter Bark

Mav had lots of fun pushing all the chocolates in! Well he had more fun eating it afterwards.

chocolate easter bark

What are some fun foods you make for Easter? How do you let your kids help? I'd love to know - comment below and lets chat :)!