Cooking with Maverix: Marble Valentine's Day Cookies

marble valentine's day cookies

One of my favourite parts about Valentine's Day is the treats! Growing up and getting to pass out your Valentine's to everyone in class and then having a party after with lots of treats was so much fun! These cookies would make an excellent addition to your children's Valentine's Day classroom party! 

marble valentine's day cookies

Don't mind the gigantic whole out of the side of one of the hearts. This series is called Cooking with Maverix, which means that nothing is perfect  and it shouldn't be! 

I love  baking with Maverix! It is so much fun and the kitchen definitely becomes a disaster but it is well worth it! He loved being able to knead the dough and cut out shapes! 

Marble Valentine's Day Cookie

What is your favourite part about being in the kitchen with your kids? Mine is watching his amazement when the ingredients are mixing together! Mav's mouth gets so big and he is wonderstruck!  It warms my heart!

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