Cookbook of the Month: The Pioneer Women Cooks: Dinnertime - Breakfast for Dinner

When I first opened this cookbook I got super excited when I saw the first section - Breakfast for Dinner. I got even more excited when I turned the page and the first recipe was French Toast Croissants. Whenever Kyle and I go away to the Dominican Republic he eats this everyday for breakfast. I have been meaning to make it for him so I did just that. It turned out amazing. The recipe was super easy and fast to follow and it went over very well with the hubby. Hope you guys enjoy it!

You can buy this cookbook at Indigo and check out The Pioneer Women Blog for more awesome recipes and life stories! Over all this recipe was really easy to follow and didn't take me much time at all! Kyle loved it and we will definitely make it a regular in our household! One star for The Pioneer Women Cooks. I only hope the rest of the recipes this month are this good! 

Brittany HarrissComment