Cookbook of the Month: The Pioneer Women Cooks: Dinnertime - Freezer Foods

The second recipe I tried from this months Cookbook of the Month, the Pioneer Women Cooks: Dinner, is from the Frozen Food chapter. I choose to do the Baked Ziti. I originally thought it would be just the same old baked ziti the I have always made, although a favourite in our household, but I was so wrong. This is not only the best baked ziti I have ever tried but also the best baked pasta as well! It is so good and Kyle totally fell head over heels for it! We will most defiantly be making this again. One thing I will say is DO NOT be discouraged by the amount of ingredients and steps for this recipe. It only took me 40 minutes to prepare and we had enough food to freeze some for extra meals. It was worth the 40 minutes!

You can buy this cookbook at Indigo and check out The Pioneer Women Blog for more awesome recipes and life stories! Over all this recipe was pretty scary at first because of all the ingredients but really it was super simple to make and beyond scrumptious. One star for The Pioneer Women Cooks. Can't wait for more recipes.

Brittany Harriss1 Comment