Cookbook of the Month: Make Ahead Meals by Michael Smith

This months cook book of the Month is Michael Smith's Make Ahead Meals. I'm a huge fan of the "chef at home" and couldn't wait to get this book and try out some of the recipes.

The main concept of the book is to give readers easy time saving recipes that you can either cook for the day of or prep a day in advance. Each recipe has tips on how to cook it ahead and how to store and reheat properly. 

I really enjoyed the recipes in this book, however I was not sold on the quick and easy aspect of the recipes. Most of the ones I tried were labour intensive and took quite a while to cook. I believe it was worth the time it took to make the recipes because you use fresh, healthy ingredients. If you are looking for a great book to find some freezer meals from then this is definitely for you! 

I enjoyed the first few pages of this cook book as they described easy ways to get organized in the kitchen and stay ahead of the game. 

Overall I would probably buy this book again. I enjoyed the dinner recipes and most of the sides but would love to have more starters and desserts.

You can purchase Make Ahead Meals by Michael Smith here. Let me know what you think!

Brittany HarrissComment