Adeline's Birth Story


Just as expected our little girl was stubborn on timing but eventually came into this world with a vengeance. Wanting to be just like her brother she waited a week past her due date so they could share the same date for her birthday. On November 27th at 1:00 pm Miss Adeline Jacqueline Harriss graced us with her presence, weighing 7 lbs 14oz and measuring 55 cm long. 


The day before Addy's birth i was sure she was coming. My hubby, Maverix and I spent the morning outside playing in the little snow that we had. I knew something was up as I struggled to pick up my son without wincing in pain. I was starting to get anxious but as the afternoon crept up the pain subsided and I felt normal again. Having thought it was a false alarm (the 100th one this week) I just ignored it and went about our day - boy was I wrong. 

The next morning Maverix woke up at 3:30 am (hello 18th month sleep regression - we love you). I kicked my hubs to the couch and snuggled up with my little man in bed. I had been collecting as many snuggles as I could this past week knowing that it wouldn't just be me and him anymore and he'd have to share. As we lay there snuggling and Mav drifted off to sleep again I started to realized that I was having contractions - mild but they were there and they were frequent. I fell asleep as well in hopes that when I woke up the contractions were still going and we could get this show on the road. 

7:30 am rolls around and Mav and I wake up and get breakfast started. I told Kyle to head back to bed seeing as he had hardly slept. As I was making breakfast for Mav I thought I'd start timing my contractions. They didn't seem like anything to worry about because I could still talk and move around through them. My contractions were lasting about 30 seconds and happening every 5 minutes so I decided to call my dad to get him to come watch the little guy. I calmly went and woke Kyle again and explained that he couldn't sleep in anymore and that we needed to get to the hospital. I don't think that he fully grasped that I was in labour and that he needed to get up and get going but when he didn't finally get up he soon understood after seeing the pain on my face. At this point I could no longer really talk through the contractions and had to take a second to regain my breath after each one. 


Fast forward to our arrival at the hospital. After about 30 minute of being there my OB arrived and checked me out. I was only 3 cm dilated and my cervix was literally no where to be found. Throughout the last 3 weeks my cervix and Addy had been playing a fun (for them) game of Hide and Seek. Each doctors appointment I had was a different story, one day they could find my cervix and it was low and ready to go, the next it had disappeared and the arrival of Addy was far, far away. The OB soon realized that Addy was sunny side up and wedge against my right side of my pelvic bone (this felt amazing by the way). The OB sent us home in hopes that I could somehow move around and get Addy to flip over - spoiler alert: this did not happen. 


As we walked out of the hospital to the car I had to keep taking breaks during each contraction. I had a horrible feeling about leaving the hospital but I went against my better judgement. At home I asked my dad to leave with Mav so he didn't have to see me wincing in pain, he could definitely tell something was up and kept rubbing my back - which actually felt amazing. After a quick bath and some hands and knees action I knew we needed to get back to the hospital ASAP. My contractions were still only lasting about 40 seconds and were anywhere from 4-5 minutes apart but holy moly did they hurt. I knew I couldn't handle the pain for much longer. 

Well funny story - I was going to have to suck it up and deal with the pain. As an addiction counsellor I was totally against the use of Fentyl as a pain reliever other they using an epidural. When I got back to the hospital I couldn't handle the pain anymore and succumbed to using the pain medication. I asked for the smallest dose possible, it helped but only to let me relax a bit inbetween contractions. With each contraction that came I got more and more anxious. I wanted the epidural and I wanted it now! 

My OB arrived and measured me again. I was 8 cm dilated and they could find my cervix (finally!). I knew then that I need to get the epidural now or I wouldn't be able to. As they set up everything to give me the epidural I suddenly had the biggest urge to push and get this baby out (sorry if thats TMI). The OB immediately said that it was to late for an epidural and we would have to go oh natural. My husband would later discribe my face in that moment and lets just say I was terrified.

I spent the next hour in full labour and trying to birth Adeline. Unfortunately Adeline had passed a bowel movement while inside so when the broke my water it was not the most pleasant of experiences. This got the OB worried about her stress level, so after a few unsuccessful tries to find a heart beat they finally used an electrode that they attached to her head while she was still inside. Finally we were able to hear her heart beat and everyone relaxed a little bit. The OB then started to worry that she wasn't coming out fast enough, so he started talking about using suction or having a cesarean. I was totally not okay with either one of those decisions (no offence to those who have had cesareans - I just did not want to go through the recovery of having one). I decided then and there that this little girl was coming without any help. 20 minutes later and the most pain I have ever experienced Adeline joined our world! Apparently I am a champ - this is what the nurses and OB told me! I definitely did not feel like one, I was exhausted and incredibly uncomfortable. 

The next two days were spent in the hospital loving up on our little girl. Maverix came and visited and got to meet his little sister! The love I saw in his eyes made the past 12 hours so worth it. He was so adorable with her and still is. As for Kyle - this little princess definitely stole his heart - he's obsessed. I couldn't have asked to be more blessed. Kyle and I have created two perfect children and I can't wait for our future. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the not so pleasant and totally TMI of this post! 

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