Baby H #2!

Hey Everyone! We thought it was time to share with the world that we are expecting our second child! I remember the day I woke up and just had a hunch that I was pregnant again. I let Kyle eat his breakfast in peace and then went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. He had no idea I was doing this. HA! I leave the bathroom and he just looks at me strange and I say "don't be mad". (He wasn't even close to mad by the way, but I was slightly nervous seeing as we didn't even have a one year old at the time). Don't get me wrong he defiantly freaked out, so did I! I had just started a new job, had a little man under one that kept me going at full speed 24/7 and I was not necessarily ready for another pregnancy (YAY morning sickness) yet another child. Kyle and I had always talked about having one child and at the most two, well here we are. 

As I read this back I think of all the couples who struggle to have children and I feel horrible. I love Maverix and I love this little one growing inside me right now and I do not take this for granted what so ever. I would never not want to have a child. I just feel like this is my place to be 100% honest and at that moment in time I was terrified. After a few days of thinking, talking and reassurance we both became beyond excited and couldn't wait to tell our families and friends. 

Of course everyone was just as shocked and excited as we were! Than the waiting came. Kyle and I are both have a bit of a control issue in our lives. We aren't the biggest on surprises and we like to plan ahead. So, like when we were having Maverix, we wanted to know the gender of this little one! Again, like Maverix, this journey of discovery was a nicely paved road.

We showed up at our doctors appointment in July with so much excitement about learning what the gender of our baby was. The doctor read of the ultrasound report, everything was great and the ultrasound was 100% perfect - the end. No gender was mentioned - it turns out the ultrasound technician did not add the gender to the report. We had this discussion a week before as I lay on the ultrasound table. The technician explained that she was unable to inform patients of the gender but that she would write it in the report. Fair enough - I get the red tape involved. However I was not impressed by the fact that she did not enter this in the report like she said she would. If anyone knows Kyle, you know that he isn't the most patient person when it comes to news of this matter and uncertainty. Needless to say he was not happy.

Our doctor promised she would get us an answer quick! Four days later the doctor called me and told me what the gender was. She explained the process that they had to go to find out this information (which included calling the head of radiology at the hospital) and I am so grateful to have such an amazing medical team by my side. So here I was on a Thursday night on my way to pick Maverix up from daycare and I get this phone call with the news! Unfortunately, Kyle was already on his way to work for the night. There was no way I was going to call or text him this news, I needed to see his face. Kyle thought that he had seen a little something something on the ultrasound and concluded that we were having another boy. Not that he was disappointed about that but he has always wanted a little girl. So, being the wife that I am I went out and got lots of balloons and streamers and decorated the house up in the morning before he got home - and of course I got it on tape!

Watch the video below to see Kyle's reaction when I told him! (P.S. I was shaking and almost in tears so thats why the filming is not the best!) 

So if that doesn't say it then I don't know what does! Though a tad unexpected we are thrilled with the idea of having our children so close in age and are getting more excited each day! Baby H #2 is due November 20th 2016 and we can not wait to complete our family with our precious little princess. 

Mav had to play in the balloons - his favorite thing! He loved it! 

Mav had to play in the balloons - his favorite thing! He loved it! 

Stay tuned for nursery designs and more fun baby talk!