What the Kids Wore: Freshly Picked Review and Giveaway

I am starting a new series in the blog called What the Kids Wore. Once a month I will be posting a few of my favourite clothing items that Maverix and Adeline have worn!! To get the series started I have partnered with Freshly Picked and will be giving away a pair of their adorable moccasins! 

First off if you know me you know I love buying handmade items so when my amazing sister-in-law originally informed me about Freshly Picked I could not resist! It also helped that Susan Petersen (owner-operator of Freshly Picked) started this company from nothing but scrap leather and creative talent! I'm all about moms that work their butts off for what they want! The icing on top is that Susan actually emails you after you order to say Thank you for your purchase! WHAT!!!! I was so shocked and impressed by that. 

When I opened my package from Freshly Picked I was so excited! After going back and forth and searching for the perfect pair, (there are so many amazing options) I ordered the Heriloom Moccasins in blush and gold and I was beyond impressed. I've heard some complaints about the price of these moccasins (they average about $60), but the craftsmanship and quality are worth it. You can tell at first glace how well made these are. Everything is put together perfectly, straight stitches, no elastic band showing and perfect fringe. I was in love!!!! 

I had ordered a size 2 knowing they would be a bit big for Adeline, although her feet are abnormally large for a 8 week old. I figured they would look silly and fall of easily because of that nut boy was i wrong! They stayed on her feet even though they were to big! That got me even more excited cause shed be able to start wearing them right away and they will probably still fit at the 6 month mark, if not longer. That makes the price okay with me as well. The first few years of a babies life are crucial for growth and development and this includes their feet! Babies feet contains lots of precious cartilage that solidified to bone over time. The soft leather if these moccasins allows your babies feet to grow and for, without restrictions. 

The real critic of the kids clothing is my husband, he is beyond picky!. He loves these moccasins and was equally amazed at how durable and well put together they are! He especially loved how easy they were to put on (which is a constant struggle with our son whose feet are a tad on the chunky side). 

All and all I would and will continue to purchase Freshly Picked Moccasins for our littles and I can't wait to see what styles will be out for this spring. 

I'm in love with these 3 designs and can't wait to order them!!

Freshly Picked was kind enough to giveaway a pair of there amazing moccasins to one lucky reader. To enter the giveaway you must:

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Hope you fall in love with Freshly Picked as much as I do!


**Freshly Picked was kind enough to give me two pairs of their moccasins to review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.**

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