My First Year: a Baby Journal - Review and Giveaway.

You never really understand how fast time goes until your watching a little human grow up. I cannot believe that I have a 20 month and a 3 month old. When you are in full blown mommy mode it is impossible to think that you would ever forget the story of their first laugh, or how much they weighed at their four month check up. But these things have a habit of flying out of your brain a few weeks after they happen. I know all you moms to be are saying: "ya right, I won't forget anything my baby does - EVER!". Well then you must have a great archiving system in that brain of yours because I can barely remember what we ate for dinner last night thanks to my baby brain. 


The best way I have found to make these memories last - besides the obvious photos that you will be taking every two seconds - is by keeping a baby journal! I have searched and searched the web for a unique and personal style that won't cost an arm and leg. I have found numerous journals that over great personalization but some that offer way to many choices. I finally was told about this amazing journal by my sister-in-law. 


Baby Boy Bakery is an amazing "space" created by Jacqui Saldana. Jacqui started Baby Boy Bakery blog when her son was a few months old. What started as a space for Jacqui to share her favourite recipes and stories about her family turned into an amazing tribute to her son Ryan after they sadly lost him at he age of three. The love you feel when reading Jacqui's blog is inpiratonal to all parents in the world. Jacqui created the baby journal "My First Year" as a way to capture the amazing moments you have with your newborn until they are one year of age. When I originally got my journal in the mail I could not wait to open it. I was hesitant at first to even write in it because it is so beautiful.

The journal is filled with such originality and love. My favourite pages by far are the family tree page, the music page and the recipes page. The family tree page gives you a space to tell your little one where they come from and who loves them the most in the world. As a family who is surround by music at all time the music page is a great space to be able to write down what songs or melodies your baby loved.

Our family loves food, or should I say Maverix and I love food. Every morning and evening the two of us cook breakfast and dinner together. I love watching him grow and learn in the kitchen. This blog has an entire series dedicated to Mavreix's cooking journey called Cooking with Maverix. This journal has the most creative pages dedicated to recipes that you have created. Jacqui has also put in some delicious baby food recipes of her own!

The journal also has the typical pages that you would find in most journals such as your pregnancy and birth story, however the artwork and detail of those pages are anything but typical. 

Finally the most convenient thing about this journal is how easy it is to slip in your diaper bag and bring along with you. This makes it so easy to just pop it open and write in a milestone that may have happened on a whim at the grocery store or on a coffee date.  

Jacqui has generously given me a copy of both her baby and her toddler journal as well as an additional copy of both to giveaway to one of you! If you want a chance to win this journal follow these steps:

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2) Share and Comment on the Facebook post about this blog why you think capturing our kids memories is so important. 

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Good luck to everyone, and be sure to check out Baby Boy Bakery and all the other amazing products they have. Also if you are not the lucky winner of this giveaway! Don't worry! Click this link and you can purchase one of your very own. These journals are amazing and have everything you need to document your babies first year! 

Stay tuned for a look at their Toddler journal in the next few weeks. Contest ends March 20th at 11:59 EDT