Toddler Easter Basket Must Haves

Easter is just around the corner and I am so excited. Last year Mav was too young to understand but this year he will have so much fun having an Easter egg hunt and seeing the Easter Bunny. I am itchy to get his Easter basket finished and have found any excuse to get him things for it! My favourite item so far is his Little Tikes Swing that will go perfectly with the playset that is coming with our new house! I'm going to use the swing as his "basket" and fill it with all the fun things I've gotten. Here are some of my Easter Basket Must Haves! 


1. Sunglasses | 2. Abby and Zoey Hooded Towel | 3. Bubbles | 4. Swing | 5. Board Puzzle | 6. Rain Coat  | 7. Rain Boots | 8. Easter Themed Book | 9. Train Set | 10. Baseball Hat


I find it so easy to find things for an Easter basket because its the beginning of Spring and Summer is just around the corner. I like to fill Maverix's basket with things that I know he will love and want/need for those seasons. Sunglasses, rain boots and coat and a baseball cap are necessity for spring and summer! I absolutely fell in love with Abby and Zoey's hooded towels this past weekend and Maverix definitely needs one for all his beach days this summer! As for the bubbles, puzzle, book and train set - well those are just toys that I know he will love. 

What are some must haves for your kids Easter Basket? I'd love to know if I've forgotten something!!