Maverix's Vintage Race Car First Birthday

On June 27th we celebrated our little man’s first birthday. I was so excited to plan this birthday party, but I may have gone a little over board. I was just so happy to have our family and friends together to see how much our guy had grown! Surprisingly I was okay with him turning one. Don’t get me wrong I loved the baby stage and the incredible leaps he made but I was loving this new phase he was in – is in. He is so full of laughter and life that each day is different and I love the surprises we get every day.

I had originally wanted to do a lumberjack theme for the party but felt like it had been overdone in my small little town. So with Maverix’s new found love of cars we decided to do a vintage race car theme.

We hosted the party in our backyard of our new(ish) house. This was the first party we have ever thrown here so it seemed perfect that it was our son’s first birthday. I added some water features that had nothing to do with the theme so that the kids were cool as cucumbers in the crazy heat that we had that day. 

I found a beautiful invitation on Etsy through the shop Designing for Peanuts that I loved and it just so happened to come with everything else I would need to decorate. The entire package came with the invitation, thank you cards, return address labels, pennant banner letters, small highchair banner, welcome sign, pit stop sign, race car driver sign, fuel station sign, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, centerpiece party circles, favor tags, food labels, tent cards, water bottle wrappers, napkin rings and straw flags! Ya that is a lot! All of these were in printable pdf format. I printed a lot of the items at home and spent endless hours leading up to the party cutting and gluing. I went to Staples for the signs because they would print them on harder cardstock then I could find. 


I purchased a separate chalk board birthday sign from the same shop Designing for Peanuts. I’m super happy with how it turned out!

If anyone knows me they know my love for candy. It does not help that I am currently pregnant with our second child and am heavily craving sugar. My solution – a candy bar. This did not benefit Maverix in anyway because he obviously can’t eat candy. However, the rest of us adults enjoyed it.


I used Twizzlers for “dip sticks”, sour belts for “seat belts”, mike and ikes for “bolts” and rock candy/candy sticks for “nuts”. I love the little paper bags with a fuel station sticker on them – they were perfect for candy take aways!

My favorite details – although super small and very time consuming – were the flag straws! When planning this party I knew first thing that I wanted red striped paper straws with flags on them. So I did just that!


The variety of themed signs you get with the package are great and totally pulled together the whole theme.


Overall the day was great! Maverix had so much fun and loved being surrounded by his friends and family! He was not a fan of the cake smash however. He is just like his dad and hates getting his hands dirty.


**This is not an affiliated post. All photos were captured by Harriss Photography

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