What the Kids Wore: February

I find it super hard to find baby clothes that I like. Some are to cheesy or frilly for me. I like solid colours or simple patterns and I'm not the biggest fan of cheesy lines on shirts! So I thought I would share some outfits I had the kids in this month and why I love them!

I'll start with Maverix! I'm slightly obsessed with plaid dress shirts as well as suspenders! 

At first Mav wasn't the happiest about getting his picture taken but by the end of the month he was all for it! It is crazy how much kids change everyday! As you can tell from these pictures I'm in love with Maverix's jeans with the star suspenders. They are actually size 9-12 months but still fit him and he is 20 months old today! I absolutely love H&M for kids clothes and highly recommend them! He has been wearing these pants for almost a year and because the waist can adjust he can still grow into them more! You can find a pair just like them HERE

Although I would love to get everything for the kids from H&M, Carters/OshKosh is my second favourite. I love getting their onsie sets because they fit perfectly and aren't too wide. The second photo is this series was a gift Maverix got for Christmas and it is from OshKosh. It fits perfectly and the shirt goes great with another pair of grey jeans he has as well! He actually picks out this shirt to wear almost every day and is pretty upset when I say its dirty after the first wear! Good pick Aunt Laurie!! 

When we first found out we were having a girl I was super excited. I find that you can get the cutest leggings and hair bows for girls that aren't to frilly. I'm not the biggest on girls in everything pink and ruffles. Addy got both of these outfits for Christmas and I absolutely love them! They are both from Carters and fit her perfectly. Addy is pretty tall for her age so a lot of her pants don't fit in the length but both of these pairs of pants fit great! 

The pants in the first photo are somewhat thicker then normal pants and are perfect for wearing outside! I adore the headband in the first photo as well! Addy got this as a gift for Christmas. It was bought at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and it is so simple and fits perfectly! 

So there you have it! My favourite outfits the kids wore this month! Stay tuned next month for a special Easter addition of What the Kids Wore! Let me know what your favourite clothing store is for you kids and why? I love finding new stores! 


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